- The creators of NOIR RAINIER want to inspire men and women across the globe by portraying different elements of Fashion garnered by the unique tastes of the Pacific Northwest. Cyril Stansell and Allante Roston are the two individuals who first formed the idea of this Style Blog, and through continued effort and creativity hope to challenge the standards of fashion today.  The idea of forming this blog began in 2014 when the two met as coworkers at the highly accomplished retailer, NORDSTROM. They began collaborating each week on how to best share their perspectives on the art-form through minimal concepts. They both believe in the ability to achieve a breathtaking look on a daily basis by incorporating a simplistic narrative: Less is More. NOIR Rainer utilizes the historical and cultural significance of grunge while juxtaposing it with the art, music, film, and tradition of the African Diaspora--While we hold to the firm belief to never place ourselves in a box, we can not disregard where are roots stem from. We hope as a follower of this blog you are inspired by our perspective. Thank You and Enjoy!



Tacoma, WA


Detroit, Michigan


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